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On the evening of 31st January 2008 in heavy storms the Roll on/Roll off MV Riverdance Truck Ferry left Ireland on its way to Heysham Port. It was suddenly hit by a freak wave causing the ship to come aground. After failing to refloat the boat the insurers called in the experts, PGC Demolition, to break up the ship on Cleveleys beach.

Along with battling the weather conditions PGC team of over 20 men had to cope with the ever changing tidal patterns. There were only two 4-5 hour windows in every 24 hour.

Despite all the problems that were thrown at them, PGC Demolition came through the project with flying colours, including:

• Not damaging the environment with any oil or fuel spills.
• Not having any reportable incidents throughout the duration of the contract.
• Being congratulated by all authorities from government down for a job well done.
• All scrap metal was sent for recycling.
• The engines were reused for parts.


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